Rocket Man

Had the urge to post-process another shot from a recent Urban Explore to an abandoned Soviet Military base in former East Germany.  Those old Soviets sure do love their murals, like this one made of tiny bits of colored and mirrored tiles.

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Wow, colored and mirrored tiles! that had to be some work there! Great find Jacques!

Great composition and processing! As you said, the colored and mirrored tiles make this mural really unique. One needs to see it live to really appreciate them!

Excellent shot and title. Reminded me of the song by Elton John – and now I cant get it out my head… 🙂

How do you find all these great places to shoot?! Great shot!

Interesting. Looks like a GDR knock-off of the Silver Surfer. Well caught Jacques.

I agree with Mark – looks like Silver Surfer. Nice motivational thing though =- I wonder if the former residents looked on it with appreciation or disdain!?

You sure found a treasure here, and caught it in a nice light, looks like he´s flying into the sun!

Thanks so much, all of you. BTW, I think I might have gotten some of my mojo back during an all day URBEX shoot here in Germany with some great photographers. I’ll have some fresh, tasty brackets to share with you all very soon!!