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Tangerine Dream

I really love great architecture, and Berlin has plenty of it.   Take this walk way to the underground parking garage, with its glowing orange tile walls.  That reminds me; did you know that the group Tangerine Dream was formed in Berlin.  I just learned that recently, and thought I’d tie the three together in today […]

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Singin’ the Blues in Berlin

Sadly, I’ll be leaving Berlin very soon, off to America’s west coast for awhile.  I shot this image of the Pariser Platz yesterday, during the blue hour, as a favor for a friend who needed a half-way decent shot of this particular location for a project he was working on.  It took a bit of […]

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Weighing Options

Yep.  I’m weighing options.  Huh?  What’s that?  What options?  Where to go with my photography over the next few days, months and, hopefully, years.  Right now some of the options I’m considering, following pressure from my wife and a very close family friend, is to give consideration to getting some of my work exposed (pun […]

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Seeing things differently

I mentioned the other day that I was considering putting off photography for a bit, perhaps going so far as to get rid of all my camera gear.  Thanks to a lot of comments I’ve received here on the blog, as well as privately, I opted instead for a “breather” if you will.  Part of […]

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Warm on the inside

While I continue my deliberations about my future in photography, I’ve promised that I would still post-process and post photographs I’ve take over the last several months, but have just not had the time or inclination to work on.  This shot, of an old spiral staircase, is one I shot during a fairly recent trip […]

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