And then the moment is gone…

Sometimes when we are out making photographs, we sometimes forget to appreciate the small things, those fleeting moments of beauty that happen all around us while we are looking for another shot.  When my buddy Jürgen and I came across this lovely old dame feeding the birds at a lake in Hamburg, I believed such a moment was… well… a moment away.  So up to my eye went the camera as I waited for that mere second that would never, ever happen again.  And click… I saw it (and photographed it)!


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Evocative picture story Jacques . . . hers and yours. It’s not how old you are; it’s how you are old.

awesome, can’t believe it was only 9 days ago…great stuff.

Jacques, as much as I like HDR and still life images, the human element still gets me more than anything. It adds life and scale and makes the image more real! This one is no exception and most would pass it by. Great eye my friend!

Very nice capture of the moment, Jacques. Man… is there anything you can’t capture perfectly?