Of lasts… and firsts.

As I type this post, I am sitting in our home in Berlin, knowing that in a matter of hours, I’ll be on an aircraft headed to Northern Cali to start a great 10-week adventure with my family.  Today was, sadly, a day of “lasts”, a last great German dinner; a last walk down to the lake in the woods with the dog, just a stone’s through from our front door; my last German Fanta (and coke) — the U.S. versions of both pale in comparison; and the last blog post I draft from Berlin (fittingly enough, an URBEX shot).  It was a great two-year run, and I’m really gonna miss this city and all it and the surrounding area have to offer.  But I’m ready for a new adventure, so BRING IT ON!!!!  And as regards “firsts”, the day after I hit Cali is likely to be the first day of a new phase of my life (assuming all goes according to plan).  For now, only my buddy Bob Lussier has the slightest clue of what I speak, since we had a long chat over skype the yesterday, and he’s not talking.  If things go to plan, I’ll have some pretty inspiring stuff to share, which may even prompt the introduction of a new website (we’ll see — very nacent stages at the moment, don’t ya know).  Anyway, here is one of the last photographs I shot in Germany at the abandoned Chemical Labs in what was once East Germany.

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safe journey dude – its tough leaving somewhere you’ve grown to know and love, but as you say there are bright things on the horizon and with your talent I’m sure they’ll all come to fruition.

Wow Jacques, this is just so absolutely incredible my friend! Very dramatic and melancholy!

A great and fitting final post from Berlin. Have a swift, safe journey home. I look forward to chatting once you get settled and I hope to chat in person in DC in October.

A superb last image, though I’m sure there are many many more on your HDDs that we’ve yet to see. Can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Safe journeys Jacques and I look forward to the next phase of your work!

Goodbye Jacques, and may the light always be with you on your journeys!
It was good to see you again for the Vockerode trip, though sadly that last beer will have to wait for next time.
Thanks for being a great urbex mate, and a friend!
I´m looking forward to your next posts…

Best of luck with your travels and I cant wait to hear about everything in store for you!

Great shot and hopefully not your last photo of Germany.
looking forward to see your journey and whatever your future will bring. im sure your pictures will be awesome!

Awesome image Jacques! I love how you’ve sculpted the light and brought out the killer textures in this scene.

i am glad that i could meet you in your final weeks in berlin and have the privilege of shooting with you, alex, luis and steve at vockerode and beelitz. thank you for sharing, and for taking the time to befriend me. i have great memories (and photos), and we’ll see you on this side of the pond. there are some folks here you need to get to know. remember, as one chapter closes so another must open. it is not ‘the end’. bob is the right one to philosophize with to be (re)inspired. travel well.
all the best,

Definitely an image with your trademark processing style. Wish you well for this new chapter of your life. Was great to have the opportunity to shoot with you in so many locations. Will be looking forward to do it anytime again, no matter which side of the big pond we meet:)

Fantastic detail. Love the glossy shine on the sink.

Love the way you have brought out the detail here Jacques, and I am sure we will be seeing many more similarly great photographs taken during your Stateside adventure – in your words: BRING IT ON!

Have a safe trip, Jacques. I look forward to see what you can come up with next. Btw. I’m with you on the Fanta – it used be my fav beverage back home in Denmark. The stuff over here, (Canada) tastes very different, so I dont by it.