The Cascade

I really dig art deco movie houses, so you know this one in Redding, California, which first opened in 1935, sure caught my attention. I had scouted it out the morning I met and photographed Glen for Friday’s post (Life is in the Hands), but knew full well I’d have to wait until the evening to get the shot I envisioned. While I had actually wanted to shoot this during the blue hour of the early evening (and I may still do that), family commitments meant that I’d have to shoot fairly late. I lucked out, too, as I shot the very last bracket for this photograph at 11:04PM, only seconds before they off the lights. Close call!

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It is nice to see some of these old, glamorous theaters still hanging around! They have a life of their own outside the films they show and you’ve brought that life to us! Pretty cool Jacques!

Boy, this is awesome Jacques. What a cool, nostalgic place. Those neon lights are tremendous. Hope you get to shoot it during blue hour.

So much nostalgia captured in such digital greatness. Pretty awesome shot Jacques!