Bridge over Turntable Bay

I know, I know. You all want me to post some more of my Urban Explore photography.  Well, worry not.  I have more brackets left to develop from my many shoots in former East Germany than you can imagine.  All in good time, though, ’cause at the moment I’m keeping myself busy exploring the great outdoors in Northern California.  Here is a shot taken shortly after sunrise.  And I’m probably glad I waited until the sun illuminated the dark woods at the edge of the bay, ’cause I swear I saw some fresh bear droppings as I was headed back to the car from shooting this.  Have to admit, bears were not on my mind at all, but then neither were the rattle snakes they say are plentiful around another area I shot yesterday in Redding.  Guess I better watch my step!


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It maybe time to invest in some boots to protect from the rattle snakes, and a scary mask for the bears 😉 Very peaceful shot today.

Love it, Jacques. I’m with Chris on the boots.

Great Shot…surprised at the water level for August!

Great shot. I love the lighting on the bridge and the sudden difference in the color of the bridge to when it fades into the brush. Great shot!

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. Most definitely need the boots, and I think my face is sufficiently scary without the mask to scare that bear off!