Surf’s up dude!!

So we’ve made our way down to the San Francisco Bay Area to do a little exploring.  Spending a few days hosted by a wonderful family at their beautiful house on Stinson Beach.  It’s just so peaceful and relaxing here, the smell of the sea and the crashing of the waves along the shore.  I went out early this morning to snag this shot of a surfer doing his thing.  I was experimenting a bit with long exposure to get a more painterly effect in the shot.  Also blend in some a nice blue texture to give it an almost canvas painting like look.  What do you all think?

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Like this a lot, the texture in the sky may be slightly heavy imo, works well in the rest of the image though.
Suoper feeling of motion and movement though the blurred surfer works really well.

The photo and the long exposure work extremely well here! i really like how it conveys motion and the painterly effect that you were looking for. But the texture in the sky is imho too prominent and makes it look like a painting in a rough wall rather than a canvas… have you tried with a more canvas-like texture?

Love it

Mark & Luîs – You’re tight; as I look at it again, I was a bit heavy handed with the texture in the top of the frame.

Abdiel – Thanks, my man. Glad you dig it. Maybe we can go out shooting together when I get back to Redding.