From on High

What a great day shooting in San Francisco today.  Some fantastic new friends of ours showed us all the great spots, so we spent the whole day out enjoying this amazing city.  We head back out tomorrow for another great day of exploration, and sampling all the goodies Frisco has to offer.  Here is one of my favorite shots of the day.  I suppose if you’ve been following my photography for awhile, you know I love windows, doors/doorways, chairs, and lines.  This one has a bit of each, though the signature chair is missing (I can live with that).  Hope you all dig this one!

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Amazing clean processing, empty room with sweet view. How could I say anything bad 🙂

What a view and perfectly exposed! Well done Jacques!

I love this one Jacques! Very well processed, even exposure and it looks very clean. Kind of makes me jealous mine don’t look like this 🙂

really dig the result Jacques! and the image looks so sharp it seems one could cut one’s fingers with it:)

Thanks, gentlemen! The view from up there was jaw-drooping, to say the least. The view from the other side of the building was pretty amazing as well, as was the huge lobby/courtyard area.

REALLY well processed – lovely clean shot, excellent exposure all round.