Time’s up

I’m enjoying the heck out of shooting lots of non Urban Exploration (URBEX) stuff at the moment, but I have to be honest: I miss URBEXing!  That’s about to change, I think, as I learned from a fella I met here in Redding that there are plenty of URBEXy things to explore here in the Redding area, what with abandoned mines, old mills, junk yards and old Ghost towns.  So, in anticipation of a little California URBEXing, I’ve decided to post a shot from one of my last URBEX adventures in former East Germany.  I photographed this neat hall in the an old Kraftwerk (powerplant) in Vockerode.

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Kraftwerk Vockerode. I read about it and thought this could be a interesting place to go. Now that I’ve seen some of your pictures from there I decided to plan a trip.

As always, nice composing and processing. Good work, Jacques!

Love the angle and light here Jacques, but this spot is quite a bit cleaner than most of your urbex locations. Is that West Coast life already sinking in too much? Just kidding bud. This image is fantastically processed, typical for the Freq!

Classic Jacques. The alternating door colors and vanishing point is just stellar. Your framing never ceases to amaze.

Mathias – I’ve been there twice now, and I recommend it very highly. I could have visited several more times and never exhausted the possibilities. Have fun there and send me some links once you have some shots to show!

Jim – Yeah, I suppose it is a bit cleaner. Not sure whether it is Cali or something else. I do know that I am processing my stuff with a little more “realistic” look. Not sure if that trend will continue; we’ll see. Guess it will depend on mood, but I’ll make sure to post something a bit grittier soon to balance things out. Heh heh!

Hey Jesse – Thanks, my man!

sweet lighting and great split image with the corridor and room.

Glad that you’ve found some locations close to where you are – looking forward to seeing something US UE images from your adventures.

oh. yes.