The Mask of Darkness

Yesterday I posted a photograph of a place that my buddy (and fantastic photographer) Jim Denham noted was a bit “clean” compared to some of my previous work.  And you know what? He’s right.  Well, Jim.  We just can’t have that, now can we?  Everything in moderation, I say.  So today’s darker and dirtier photograph is dedicated to my man Jim.  I shot this one at the awesome ruins of Beelitz-Heilstätten near Berlin, Germany.  I should note that I had to listen to Nox Arcana’s Mask of Arcana and Attrition’s Andante (with some nice sound isolating headphones), while working in a dark room to get this piece to look like it does.  Who says music doesn’t influence?


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Now we’re talkin’! Love how the splashes of light show off the grittiness in the floor and the ceiling. Good stuff as always!

Wow, this is awesome Jacques. Great light, color and textures. Love the red mask

Met you yesterday at the Wilshire House. Just wanted to say I love your works and really enjoyed the blogs. And Office Space is also one of my all time favs. If you go to Lassen Park take the kids on the Bumpesses Hell Trail, they’ll love seeing the center of the earth boiling up thought its crust. Was nice meeting you Chris

I love how that gasmask just pops. Great shot!

Amazing lighting here. Nicely done Jacques.

Thanks lady and gentlemen! This is one I really enjoyed working, and it’s now one of my favorite from my last visit to Beelitz.

Hi Chris – It was great meeting you as well, and I’m glad you took a little time to check out my site. Really appreciate the advise on camping and such here in the Shasta region. We’ll most definitely visit the Bumpesses Hell Trail to see the boiling point!

Great light, great feel, an urbex classic! Love the added touch of the mask to just add that spooky element too. 🙂

great play with the shadows and textures. and that red mask looks pure evil! excellent result here Jacques!