Jeepers Peepers!!

There was just SOOOO much to see in San Francisco that it often felt like sensory overload.  Definitely no way could I see all the cool stuff there in one visit, even after multiple days exploring the city.  I’m planning to head back there again in the coming weeks, if only to get to Alcatraz.  Hopefully I can arrange some kind of private tour so I can take my time exploring and shooting The Rock!  From the penny arcade, where I shot this photograph, I could actually peep Alcatraz in the middle of the bay.  I wonder if the cons there could peep this arcade with a good set of binoculars?

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Cool nostalgia and great textures and colors to this one Jacques! Good luck with Alcatraz – would love to see it from the Freq’s eye!

Simply awesome. I just love all this retro stuff.

Love the HDR and included Bokeh! I’m hoping to go to St. Francisco next year. I might have to inquire about some good places to take pics?