The Shining

I don’t know what’s going on upstairs, but those lights… they beckon… come!!  Only problem is this place is abandoned.  So what’s up with the lights?  I thought the power to this place had been cut?  And what is that pulsating light coming from the lightbulb ahead.  It was dead only a moment ago; as a matter of fact, I swear that bulb was not there when I looked at it last.  And what is that music coming from upstairs?  Am I dreaming?  All work and no play makes…


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I wouldn’t go up there… those are the deadlights Stephen King mentioned in It and Insomnia.
Gotta be careful 🙂

Wow sir. Seriously. You’ve got me looking around the office today, just in case “It’s Jaaaaaaack” is in here with me!! WHat a spellbinding shot, and your accompanying blog just accentuates all that! Awesome work, my friend.

This picture and your words are poetry.

Heh heh! Thanks fellas. I might even have to go back and watch that flick again, as I remember how much it scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid.

what kind of place was this before? Somehow it reminds me of our dearest Kaserne K. 🙂
Nice shot and the film citation couldn’t be more appropriate!

This is an amazing image Jacques. The light, textures and colors are first rate.

Eye popping!!!

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