Don’t get me wrong, I love my big DSLR (currently the Nikon D700) and all the great lenses I have, but dang they get to be a pain in the butt to carry around sometimes.  So when I want to be high-speed, low-drag, and until I one day manage to get my hands on a Leica M rangefinder, I reach for my Fuji X100.  With its small size, classic looks and awesome features, this bad boy satisfies all my needs when it comes to street photography and much, much more.  I shot this photograph of a set of mailboxes while out on a morning walk with my wonderful wife, who I think is a lot more patient with me shooting with this (takes less time) than with my big rig and tripod (too much set up time and finagling for her tastes).

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August 18, 2011 - 14:15

Dave Wilson I have a plan! Let’s get our wives together. While they are discussing the problems of being photographers’ wives, we could be getting some shots! Hopefully the conversation would keep them occupied for long enough that we would both get the brackets that we want before they figure out our scheme 🙂

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