The river above the falls

Had a nice afternoon exploring Shasta County and just had to stop to photograph this little stream above Burney Falls.  It felt so peaceful walking around here, despite the fact that the sun was beating down on me like nobody’s business.  I could actually feel my flip-flopped feet melting below me.  I was doing a pee-pee like dance in the hopes that the sun would lose the bead on me, but that helped not at all.  Oh wait!  Maybe I’ll just dip my dogs into the stream to cool off a bit.  Yeah, that’s better!  Ahhhhhh!

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That image definitely reflects the peacefulness! Get them feet cooled down!

Very pretty place! And the double sunflare is amazing.

Beautifully done Jacques! Love the reflections and colors are perfect.

Thanks, guys. It was pretty there, and when I spotted the sunflare reflection, I knew I wanted to try to capture that. Had to use a full 9 brackets to do it to make sure the sun and it’s reflection in the water were not too blown out.

quel belle lumiere !

This is a top landscape shot! Love the warm tones and that sun flare is just gorgeous!

Awesome picture. Really like the Reflection of the sun and it’s neat because i’ve actually been at this very spot. Hope the family is well Jacques.