The Hand in the Darkness

When you’re a kid, they tell you not to fear the dark; there’s nothing scary out there, they say.  But when you’re a kid, those assurances don’t seem to stop you from seeing scary shapes in the shadows at the foot of the bed.  So you pull the covers up close under your chin, perhaps thinking, like a cat does, that if you can’t see the scary things, then they’re just not there.  Well, they’re still there!  So watch yourselves when you walk past those dark doorways.  Just because you’re standing in the light, doesn’t mean it can’t reach out and touch you!

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Great balance of light and color, and your comps are always spot-on. Thanks for the creepy story… now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Great compo and processing spot on as always! Love the peek through the window, makes one wonder at how large this location really is!

Wonderful image. You’ve done a terrific job with the processing.

Great image and works very well the back story. Good stuff Jacques!

Lovely shot again, Jacques. I can almost feel the boogeyman hiding inside that door on the right.

I’m totally not going into that room without a nightlight, and I’m a grown man. Love this.

Top drawer, my friend, wonderful image!!

Many, many thanks for all the comments.

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