Guardian Fireboat No. 2

I had not really planned to put up a blog post today, but I suppose I should at least try to post something new 5 or 6 times a week, perhaps leaving Sundays as a BLOG POST-free day for me.  While I usually post HDR photography, I started working on this non-HDR shot this morning and liked how it turned out.  I liked it well enough to post on Google + , and it seemed like folks there seemed to dig it, so I thought that you guys who come here to the blog and don’t follow me on  Google + might like to see it as well.  As I mentioned in my  Google + post, I was experimenting with a mix of B&W, high-key, colorizing and, finally, onOne’s FocalPoint software. I may reedit it to fix some mistakes I see, but curious to hear what all of you out there think of this one.

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Really digging the processing of this!

That works well – different from your normal work, but still up to the same high standard.
It’s an interesting composition from my point of view. The focus is on the right, jet the line of the bridge draws the eye to the left – kinda makes me zoom across the image from side to side. I’d maybe blur the distant bridge upright a little more?

Cool processing and I like the overall idea of this image. I use FocalPoint and the one comment I would make is I find the amount of blur distracting in the bridge and the shed. It doesn’t seem natural to me.

Maybe you could use the brush instead of the bug and brush back in some of the focus so it isn’t so unnatural looking. I think if the whole bridge deck and the shed were more in focus and the wires and the top of the bridge started to gradually go out of focus this would be a much more interesting pic.

Scott and Mark- Thanks guys! Glad to hear you al like this one.

Peter: Thanks for those great suggestions. For sure I’d have to agree I was a bit heavy handed with the FocalPoint. Use of the brush, as you suggest, would definitely help. I may go back to it to see if I can tone that effect down a little bit, particularly to leave more detail in the bridge and cables on the right side of the frame.