Longin’ for the good ol’ days

My friend Brian Matiash posted a great shot yesterday he called ‘Kicks on a Wire’ which kinda got me thinkin’ back to some of my fondest memories as a kid.  Some of my happiest moments involved my parents’ 70’s VW Westfalia (much like the one below, though in mint condition), so when I saw it yesterday I pulled over to grab a few brackets with my Fuji X100 to create this HDR.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s, we’d drive all around Europe in that ol’ girl, but the time we spend camping at a really great lake in Germany, for about four weeks at a time, was truly unforgettable.  Years later, when I was a teen living in Arizona, my dad taught me to drive stick with this baby.  I often wish I could track that awesome VW Westfalia down, buy her back from whomever owns her now, have her fully restored and take my girls out camping.  I think she would make a great URBEX-mobile as well!

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I like the dreamy edges and having the three V dubs too. Definitely a cool urbex ride. Very nice results coming from that X100, I wants one too!

What a shame, reasonable photos absoloutly destroyed by vomit-worthy post processing “death by HDR”

Hey there, S Tyroo. Really appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts on HDR.