You’re a Star, Chief!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many classic cars on the road as I have out here in Northern California.  There are so many around here that I have to be pretty discerning about which one I try to photograph.  When I spotted this classic Pontiac Star Chief I just couldn’t take my eyes off her, which meant I HAD to pull out my trusty X100 to photograph her.  And if you think her lines are sweet, you should have heard her purrrrrr when she started up.  Wow!!!  What a ride!!!


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Old American chrome and muscle is just so beautiful. Great shot.

looks like a car you would drive around in big boy. nice to see all you images from your travels. when you land on the east coast reach out and we’ll figure a plan sometime. come up to nyc.

Hey Chris. I would so rock that ride if I had it! And it’s a convertible on top of that. What’s not to love!! I’ll definitely reach out once I hit the east coast. Take it easy!

Hi Jacques, I will have to show Stefano this picture. Hope all is well- looks like you are enjoying your time in CA. We miss you in the office, take care. Maureen

Hi Maureen!! Great to see you on here, and thanks for the kind words. Miss you guys as well. Tell Stefano I said hello, and thanks for the awesome Italian wallet! We’re having tons of fun here in CA. Best to everyone in the old office!