Seeing the light

Y’all know I love me some Urban Exploration, and I still do.  But, after a couple of years of shooting about 95 percent (if not more) URBEX, I’m now mixing things up more and more.  In the coming weeks, months (years?), you can expect to see more variety here, including car photography (I dig cars, especially classics), landscapes, some portrait work, black & white photography, and more.  Yes, there’ll be more URBEX as well.  The other thing I’m looking to do is get some more videos out there for you all, so if there’s something you think you might be interested in seeing in that regard, let me know. At the moment, I’m leaning towards some behind the scenes videos to let you all see what I do to set up shots (got that idea from the great videos Trey Ratcliff over at Stuck in Customs has been putting out on his Youtube channel), as well as some more behind the scenes on how I process my work in Photoshop.

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Great framing Jacques. It’s hard to get some different views of this iconic bridge but I think you have done it.

I agree with Len — This is a new perspective for me, and one that mixes the classic, iconic view of the bridge along with a little Urbex. Nice combination!

Love the misty clouds covering the bridge, and the colors. nice job dude!

Gotta say, I love this view of the bridge! So many shots look the same, but you managed to add in some new elements that so many tend to stay away from. Great stuff man!

Hey there, Len, Rob, Scott and Chris! How you guys doin’? Really appreciate those thoughts about this American Icon. I was really glad my buddy took me to this particular location. I was super stoked to find these old ruins down there to use as the foreground. I’m hoping to get down San Francisco again soon as I still want to shoot some more of the old WWII ruins along the bay, which we would have done during that trip, but we were with both of our families on a vacation, rather than on a proper photo expedition.

Jacques this is an awesome shot of the Golden Gate. Nice to see a different perspective on this classic icon. I’m looking forward to your behind the scenes vids.

great vision as usual! clouds and colors really make the image pop! Looking forward for more behind the scenes videos, in particular the ones regarding your workflow:)

Awesome! I love the different perspective on this iconic subject. I also love that you are branching out and shooting more variety! I have always loved your Urbex stuff and always will, but I’m really digging all the new variety…keep it coming!

Hi Chris, Luís and Eric! Thanks a lot for the comments. Hoping to get out to do a bit of shooting, soon, that will be conducive to some cool behind the scenes videos. And I’ll be sure to also get some more workflow videos out there, Luís. Glad you are digging the mix, Eric. Hopefully that will keep things fresh and interesting for everyone.