Good Eats at the Snack Shack

You just don’t see places like this that much in the D.C. metro area, where I’ll soon be hangin’ my hat, so I’m taking the time to shoot as many of these sorts of things as I can before I leave Northern Cali.  I’m hoping to see more on my drive east across the U.S. of A, especially since part of that drive will likely be along historical Route 66.  As I was out running errands when I found this one, I only had my little Fuji X100 camera with me, when I really could have used a 24mm lens and the D700 so I could include the dumpsters on the right side of the building; stepping back with the old sneaker-zoom was not an option or they’d have been serving roadkill in the Snack Shack!

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Great subdued colors and POV Jacques. Love these old places.

Hi Len. Thanks!

I thought I was in the Virgin Islands again for a moment. That blue is so….blue! Nice shot.

Heh heh. Thanks Chris!

Love this. Would really enjoy driving Route 66, maybe some day, and envy you in the opportunity. Enjoy.

Thanks, Mark. I need to buckle down and plan a decent route ASAP. Also need to look into renting a small RV or something like that.