Ponder the number 83947

It’s the little things I often ponder, such as what was going the day this the gauge in this old abandoned Chemical Factory in former East Germany finally stopped. The meter at the bottom of this gauge, which reads 83947, will never make it to 83948.  Everything comes to an end, eventually… EVERYTHING! Ponder that for a moment.  Is there something you’d do differently if you knew your meter would stop tomorrow?

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I love this image. You’re processing is fabulous.

Really enjoy how the meter jumps out of the image, but how the surrounding brick, dust and grit accent it so well! Great question Jacques, and I’m sure most of us would say yes, which is unfortunate!

Thanks very much, Edith and Jim! And I ask that question because I know the answer for me is a big resounding ‘Yes’ as well!