Orange Crush

I’ve mentioned before that I used to play a lot of computer games, particularly of the First Person Shooter variety, like the Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Half Life, etc.  I remember being amazed by the graphics the artists where able to create in the gaming environment, making it quite easy for me, the player, to suspend disbelief while playing through the various levels.  I knew it was a game, and I knew they were computer generated graphics, but it felt pretty real while I was playing.  That’s the way I look at HDR.  Sure, it’s not “real”, but to me it “feels” as real as when I was there, if not more so.


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Yup, I think this would work great in Half-Life. This is great man!

Thanks, Chris. I need to play that game again soon!!

A wonderfully ‘graphic’ image, the colours really zing. This would do any FPS proud!

great image and analogy regarding video games! In fact, most of their imagery and effects is designed in high dynamic range. I think one can learn a lot with games in what regards lighting and tone mapping:)

Really cool how this leads you right through. Perfect man.

Thanks a lot, my friends.