The Getaway

My daughter and I found this old Dodge the other day, but it was my daughter who discovered one of the most interesting aspects of this car: a bullet hole right over the steering wheel at about head level (see the close-up crop farther down the page).  Taking a close look at the inside of the car, we couldn’t find any holes in the upholstery or in the rear windshield.  That got me to wondering what might have happened here.  Oh the stories this car could tell.  Was this some kind of getaway car?  Was someone sitting in the driver’s seat when the bullet ripped through the windshield?  If so, who?  And who fired the “deadly” shot?  I listened, but this old Dodge wasn’t giving up any secrets.


And here (below) is a nice close crop of the windshield.  Very curious, no?


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Yeah, that bullet hole is really curious. I wonder if they ran moonshine?

Could be, Chris.

Love the light and wide angle distortion.

What stories these old dinosaurs can tell, but don’t! Great light and angle, and great story ta boot!

Oh you and the romantics who have chimed in already. Let me burst your balloon, no blood on the upholstery means there was no head involved. More likely a rock kicked up by some truck tires, or a rock flying off the back of a passing truck. We get a lot of those on the California freeways. Nice image though, captured it with the Fuji?

Very nice, great perspective & post work!

Thanks a lot, all of you.

Wayne: I’m gonna stick with the bullet theory!

Sweet processing. Maybe Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction did the cleaning!

I was wondering what happened to my old Dodge! Thanks!