I’ve always longed to really “see” and experience my own country, the good ol’ U.S. of A.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been moving from one country to another my entire life.  So here’s a little teaser photograph I shot last night here in Northern Cali with my faithful Fuji X100.  Teaser for what?  Funny I should ask.  Well, my friends, I’ve decided to hold off on the “see-as-many-national-parks-as-we-can” plan until next year to do something I’d been muling over for the last few weeks…  get my kicks on Route 66, from Santa Monica to Chicago (with some cool detours along the way)!  I figure as long as there’s Wifi around, I’ll be taking you all to see it as well, that is, if you want to tag along!


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Looking forward to the ride. You should detour and swing by Phoenix.

proper America, nailed it. congrats on getting the new look up.

Hey Chris… and Chris!!! How you all doing? Thanks much for the props. Not sure I’ll be able to make it to Phoenix, though I’d love to! LIved for several years in Tucson and Sierra Vista, so have a fondness for Arizona.

Chris R: Thanks, man! Hope to see you in the your neck of the woods soon!

Great colors in this shot. looking forward to seeing all you’ll show us about route 66!