Marquis de Sade was here…

Here’s another shot from my last explore at the old East German powerplant in Vockerode.  What a great place to shoot URBEX.  I shot the photograph you see here in a section of the old place that had been used a few years back from about 2006 to 2009 for a freaky Marquis de Sade performance.  They left the floor in there when they were done, and you can see them dancing all over it by clicking right here (warning: this is pretty creepy).  They still film a lot of movies in this place, and some film makers were actually doing a shoot while I was there last.

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The angle and how the floor reacts to it is awesome Jacques. Great light too! Well done!

yep, DAT’s WHAT I’M TALKING’ ‘BOUT KID. Got to post me some Volkerode shots….great great image. i wish all our buds were here with us to experience this joint. insane, i feel privileged to have shot here with you, alex, steve ( and luis ( that chair popping out is amazing.

Excellent job in this one Jacques! Great composition and colours. Have to agree with Chris, this place is insane! Thanks for the video on the Marquis de Sade performance.

very nice Jacques, there is always a chair!