Love the one you’re with!

People often ask me for advice on whether they should buy this camera or that.  For the most part, I avoid giving said advice, since, unlike Nikon seem to believe, it’s not entirely the camera or lenses that make the shot.  It’s YOU, the photographer, and WHATEVER camera (lens) you have with you at the moment you come across something you want to capture.  Take this shot here.  I shot it with the X100, because that was what I had with me while running errands today.  The big Nikon DSLR and the tasty Nikkor 14-24 lens were at home, resting up for the Scott Kelby Photowalk.  Did I pout or whine?  Hellz no!  I busted out what I had and snagged the shot.  And you know what?  If all I had with me had been my iPhone, then THAT would have been the best camera and I would have captured something cool anyway.  So whether you have Canon, Nikon, Leica, Pentax, Fuji, Sony, or whatever, shoot it like you stole it and have fun.  Oh, and stay away from all the dumb forums where people go on and on about their pixel size!

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That truck looks like it has had a lifetime of utility. In keeping with your sentiments today, Jacques, a single camera/lens could also have a lifetime of utility when in the hands of a person with the right imagination and initiative.

old-school. love the color. retro-proper. love the one your with.

Well said! When people ask me this question, I tell them 2 things:

1. Go to a well-respected local photography store (not a big box outlet), play with a collection of cameras and talk to the sales people.

2. Buy the camera that feel right to you regardless of brand.

Point 2 assumes that they don’t already have a huge investment in lenses with a particular mount, of course.

Hey fellas! Thanks for the comments.

Wayne – Agree with you, 100 percent, Wayne. I’m torn, though, on whether I would choose a 35mm lens or a 50mm lens if I had to make such a choice.

Dave – That’s great advice.

Jacques, if limited to one lens, my inclination would be to opt for the 35mm.