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I’ve always longed to really “see” and experience my own country, the good ol’ U.S. of A.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been moving from one country to another my entire life.  So here’s a little teaser photograph I shot last night here in Northern Cali with my faithful Fuji X100.  Teaser for what?  Funny I […]

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Shine Your Light on me

Today I discovered a group with whom I had not yet been familiar, VNV Nation.  I was so struck by their music, particularly the song Nova, that I decided then and there I’d be post-processing the photograph you see here to that song.  I listened to the song several times in the car, and then several […]

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The Getaway

My daughter and I found this old Dodge the other day, but it was my daughter who discovered one of the most interesting aspects of this car: a bullet hole right over the steering wheel at about head level (see the close-up crop farther down the page).  Taking a close look at the inside of […]

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Orange Crush

I’ve mentioned before that I used to play a lot of computer games, particularly of the First Person Shooter variety, like the Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Half Life, etc.  I remember being amazed by the graphics the artists where able to create in the gaming environment, making it quite easy for me, the player, to […]

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Ponder the number 83947

It’s the little things I often ponder, such as what was going the day this the gauge in this old abandoned Chemical Factory in former East Germany finally stopped. The meter at the bottom of this gauge, which reads 83947, will never make it to 83948.  Everything comes to an end, eventually… EVERYTHING! Ponder that […]

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