Pulp Friction

My friend Luís dos Santos and I found these cool piece of machinery in an old abandoned papermill in former East Germany.  Of all the shots I took that day, this one was one on the list for deletion because I just wasn’t feeling it as much as I was the other shots I came home with.  Somehow, looking at it much later, it grew on me, so I decided to post-processed it completely.  I have to admit that I’m glad I did not delete it, as it now ranks up there with some of my other favorites from this location.  You can find some of those favorites here:  1) Big Wheel 2) Warm on the Inside 3) Come downstairs and say Hello: An HDR Collaboration 4) The All-Spark  Do you have a favorite?  By the way, if your interest in the things I think about when post-processing a shot like this, check out the before and after comparison and comments I’ve included in the bottom image.

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I’m glad you didn’t delete it, too! The how-to is very cool also!

Great image with terrific textures, Jacques. Nice explanation of your processing.

Always amazing to see how we get from point A to point B with these images! Great shot and how-to Jacques!

This one came out really well Jaques! Great day out with you and here is a good depiction of the scene as i remember it. your words are a good example of a reason why I never delete any shot i take, even the ones i consider “bad” at present, because one never knows how you’ll feel about them in the future.