Don’t you hate it when the sun’s going down, you can tell the colors are going to be sweet, but you can’t find a subject to put into the foreground of the shot to save your life?  I’ve had that happen A LOT, but somehow I luck into spotting something at the very last minute.  I was bookin’ along Route 66 when I came across this cool abandoned building in Ludlow, California mere moments before the sun slipped away behind the horizon.  I figured since I’ve not posted an URBEX (Urban Exploration) shots for awhile, it was time to get something like this out to you all.  You all like this one?


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Following you…and feeling the excitement in your voice and images!
be safe

Hey there, Frank! Hope all is well in Redding. Thanks a lot for the comment and well wishes.

very nice, I like those clouds

very nice!

Been there before. I need to learn to find a subject quicker!! This is a fantasic image. What makes it extra good is the tree next to the building. Great work.