Takin’ it Easy on Route 66

Rather than try to see everything there is to see along Route 66, I’ve instead adopted the ‘Take it Easy’ approach to things. I’m just laying back, takin’ my time. If I see something I want to stop and explore or photograph, I do it. I’m not restricting myself to a set schedule, and I’m not planning out where along the way I will stay for the night. No calling ahead for a motel either. I  just show up and find a place with a vacancy to lay down my head (and process my photos).  Makes live so much more enjoyable, and if I don’t see it all this time, I’ll catch it on the next swing through!


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Excellent!!! My wife and I were there about two years ago. Did you go see meteor crater too? Winslow and the crater were on the same day trip from Sedona for us.

Thanks, Tim! I did, in fact, hit Meteor Crater as well and I’ve got a pretty interesting shot that I’ll process and post on the blog as well. Not sure when it will go up because I’m constantly torn over what to post each day because each thing I see and shoot seems so much more interesting than the last. Route 66 is like Candyland to for the photographer in me!

You’re welcome! I’ll keep an eye out for the crater shot! 🙂
It was super windy when we were there, and a bit cold too.

…and there’s Jackson waitin on his girl in a flat-bed Ford!
Beautiful, Jacques and Good on ya!