American Diner

As I continue my journey along Route 66, I am constantly amazed beauty I see all around me.  When I visited this abandoned Diner, just inside the Texas border, I thought about the thousands of patrons who had sat in this very seat, perhaps enjoying a great American breakfast, a coffee, or a milkshake. I also wondered who the last patron was to sit in this particular seat, and what it was they had here.


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WOW, wat a great picture! Nice light, nice toning…

Amazing shot, and your thoughts behind it. In a way its kind of sad that the these places were abandoned, but pretty cool if you are a photographer.. 🙂
Great stuff

Thanks, Jan! I appreciate that very much.

Looks like you have found good opportunities to shoot Urbex, like you did in Germany. Perfect shot with really nice light. Think I dont’t have to say something about the processing – it’s gorgeous as always.

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