Life’s Blood

There are many old gas stations along Route 66, some completely original, like this one, others restored by those who love that which is Route 66.  I’ve photographed many of both, but I find myself attracted more to the truly abandoned.  I think about the many, many automobiles that had pulled up alongside this very pump over the years, seeking the life’s blood that would keep the heart of the mighty Detroit built stallions beating strong for another 100 miles.  And then the Interstates came.  The stallions chose other pastures, leaving this pump, and the town in which it sat, high and dry.


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I love finding old places like this. Great find and I love the way you’ve processed the image.

Wonderful capture. Love the inner workings of these old pumps.

Over the past 2 months I’ve been watching your HDR gang to try to improve my own work. Your work is outstanding. I love the gritty processing here.

Thanks, Bob. I have some tutorial videos you can watch (they are in the side bar on the right side of the blog under the heading Tutorials and How-Tos). That’s a good start. There are other great tutorials out there, and one of the best is the one Trey Ratcliff has out over on

very very nice – love the reflection in the window.

Appreciate that Mark. I was wondering when someone would notice that reflection.