Silent Movie

Nothing prepared me for the stunning beauty of ‘The Coleman Theater Beautiful’ in Miami (pronounced My-am-uh), Oklahoma, along Route 66.  Opened on 18 April 1929, as a vaudeville and movie theater by mining baron George L. Coleman, Sr., this Louis XV styled marvel hosted  some of most famous acts in its day, including Tom Mix, Will Rogers, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and even the Little Rascals!  Glenn, one of the very friendly and knowledgable proctors (it was clear he had a passion for this place as he has spent the last 22 years restoring this gem to its former glory), led me on a great tour of the place and then turned me loose for two hours of photography, so this will not be the last photograph you will see from The Coleman.  If you are ever in Miami, OK, it is well worth a visit to explore (it’s also said to be haunted).  (By the way, if you look real hard, you can find Glenn sitting in one of the chairs.)

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That is fantastic work, I love it!

Inspiring and motivating! Exceptional work.

Thanks guys!