The Big Red Barn

For years, after seeing them in film and print media, I’d wanted to find and photograph a big red barn.  Because I spent so much time out of the country, or in parts of the country where I could’t seem to find the right barn, I never got that shot.  That changed today while I was driving along Route 66 in Missouri.  What a beautiful countryside, and I finally found that big red barn I was after.  No wonder they call Missouri “the Show Me State”!

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Your point of view on this is great! It makes the barn look larger and more imposing. Master of composition, you are.

Now… do you know WHY barns are (or used to be) painted red? ;^)

Thanks so much Rob. I don’t believe I do know why they were painted red. Was it to drive bulls nuts?

Nice capture of the local scene, Jacques. Which camera did you use?

Thanks, Wayne. That was the D700 I used for this shot with the 14-24 lens.