Fire burn, and Cauldron bubble…

I love finding old poisons and chemicals in decaying abandoned bubble.  So many cool bottles, all of which one would think someone would have taken away and disposed of when the last man left… or at least before it was so accessible to the public.  Most of the places like this give off an unbelievable stench (think darkroom times 10!), so you do your best to avoid staying in there too long.  Holding your breath while taking your shots helps… I think!

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Fantastic urbex shot. Love the way you’ve processed this.

Wow, that is a sweet find and an amazing amount of bottles. I feel bad for your nose and lungs but thank you for risking it all for a cool shot.

Nice find Jacques, and great treatment

Very cool jacques. Looking at the image I’m trying to think of all the physical constraints that had to be overcome to get the shot.

Love the result here Jacques! And it’s true, this is definitely a place you don’t want to spend much time in if you value your lungs:)

This is so sweet.