Quasi una fantasia

One of my favorite pieces of music of all time is Beethoven’s  Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor “Quasi una fantasia”, Op. 27, No. 2, known also as “Moonlight” or “Moonlight Sonata”.  I can listen to it over and over, as I did while processing today’s piece of URBEX (Urban Exploration) goodness.  It seemed the perfect piece of music, given the subject I shot, and it’s worth listening to as you take a moment or two to let your eyes wander around the frame.  As you dim the lights where you are, let the music speak to your soul for a moment.  What do see?  What do you feel?  Where does the music and the photograph take you?

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Man, what is your secret to finding such cool places in your urbexing?
After following your “gang,” the work YOU do is getting into my soul. I really dig it Jacques. The way you work the textures and light really works for me. this is the kind of photography I want to do.
Where was this shot taken? Was the piano really there?

Forgot to add…the music was the crowning touch. Thanks.

Another great example of the wonderful triangular/trapeziodal/super-wide Gud̩ look. This is great Рthe composition is fascinating (who would leave a piano?) and the overall colour and feel is lovely. Post-processed to perfection, as usual.