The Last Temptation

Over the last two years in Germany, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some of the most amazing URBEX locations.  While some of the locations were fairly easy to locate, many others were not.  In any case, accessing most of them, once found, was pretty straight forward.  Sure, there were a few locations with ‘No Trespassing” signs, but you could be pretty confident that if you happened to meet up with a security guard, you could usually talk your way out of the situation.  Worst case would be the guard would politely ask you to leave, especially once they realized you were just a photographer, rather than a vandal or thief.

Fast forward to my arrival in the Washington, D.C. metro area:  here, ‘No Trespassing’ means ‘NO TRESPASSING’!  Not only are you likely to meet REAL police officers (if you choose not to heed the warnings), but you also run the risk of some gun toting citizen types just itching to get medieval on you!  Thus, I’ll be seeking permission to shoot such locations before I step foot into a single buildings with a NO TRESPASSING sign on it.  That said, it’s dang tempting to beg forgiveness, rather than asking permission, don’t you think?  Wait a minute, I think I just heard the unmistakable pump action of a shotgun behind me.  RUN!!!!!!!!

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Great image Jacques. Love the tones. Really great write up, we get used to being chased by security and it can be part of the experience. Odd to think of them chasing with guns.

Pump action shotgun, Jacques? What are you doing in my neck of the woods? ;^)

Great shot, and sage advice. Sometimes it’s just as good to get the Outside of a building. Beats gettin’ ventilated.

Funny you should have this post today. I was urbexing around Orlando, FL the past couple of days and after viewing your “stuff” got the courage to walk into lobbies, buildings and parking garages that I really would have thought twice about before. Met some security guards…a smile and a big hello seemed to work. I asked one security guard for permission to shoot and got it. Of course after he left his post I continued to shoot additional areas that I didn’t have permission for. When the guard came back he just said, ” You still here?”
I would love to hear more about your nefarious adventures.
Oh yeah, I think it’s only fitting, after that “piano piece”, to have some pertinent music with each of your images. So cool.

Incredible image! And totally true about no trespassing here. I’ve been escorted off many premises. Sometimes without even getting a good shot off.

Heh heh!! I know what you mean, Chris! Sure gets the heart pumping!

Rob: I thought that was you!

Bob: Hey, man. Go for it. More often than not, I do! I just weigh the risk and consequences during each infiltration to decide how to proceed. Felt much easier in Germany, but more risky in the USA. That said, no issues on Route 66!

Yeah, Tom. It sucks when you get caught and did not even get a good set of brackets off!