The End of the Line

When I left Germany to return to the USA, I was afraid my days of great URBEX photography were gone.  Boy was I wrong.  One of the first things I did was to link up with three URBEX groups here in the area, one based in Washington, D.C., one based in the State of Maryland, and one in the State of Pennsylvania.  Between the three of them, I figured I’d be able to satisfy my URBEX wanderlust.  I met up yesterday with the D.C. group down in the District to explore and photograph the abandoned Dupont Underground Trolley/Streetcar tunnels and Stations.  Man was that an awesome bit of URBEX.  I’m off with the same crew to the famous abandoned St. Elizabeth’s Psychiatric Hospital, also in D.C., next weekend.  Until then, here’s one of my favorites from the photographs I captured at Dupont.

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Absolutely love the splash of light on the left wall – adds so much depth with just a splash! Glad you’re hooked up with some proper urbex villains in the area Jacques and can’t wait to see more!

Great piece of Theatre here. The contrasting colour of the Left hand wall is special. There’s an enticing feeling of depth as you pass through the pillars toward the highlit areas. I can’t help wondering what 60+70 is all about. You found an exceptional POV here.

I’m with Lensscaper… wall…60+70 create some neat tension. Any artificial light here Jacques?
Any special ways to link up with urbexers?
I tried urbex florida and Orlando and didn’t get any hits. Guess I’ll try Miami.

Lensscaper said all the things I was going to say. Really like this image, super work. Cool you’ve found some other folks to go explore with. Need to get somewhere myself, haven’t been on an explore in about a year now.

Awesome. So glad you are back doing urbex!

Thanks a ton, my friends!

No artificial light here at all, unless you consider the bulbs burning in the wall lamps artificial. Other than those lights, the room was pure black. I was also attracted to the “60+70” and almost named the photo “60+70” or “One-Thirty”.

It sure is great to be back in the URBEX scene. I tried to like shooting landscapes, but I always come back to this. What I’d REALLY love to try is to do portrait photograph in URBEX environments. I know I’d love that as well.

As far as finding URBEX groups wherever you are, I just searched Google using search terms relevant to URBEX and the location I was interested in. I’ve not looked into areas other than Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, each of which has URBEX groups. Most of them prefer to remain anonymous, so you have to dig a little, but if you persist, you’ll find what you are looking for.