Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

I have many fond memories of my youth, including listening to my Mutti reading me the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales (in German).  I loved those stories… a lot!!  I recalled those stories again when I started to process some of the shots good friend Bob Lussier and I scored during our recent URBEX to an abandoned seminary in Maryland.  While we were unable to access the interiors, we grabbed some decent shots of the exteriors.  Here’s one I shot, which reminded me of Rapunzel’s tower.  Check out Bob’s shot, aptly called ‘Grimm’.

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Wonderful processing – this looks just like a fairyland shot for a children’s book. Stunning quality

Great processing

Wonderful Jacques. It really does look like a fairytale shot.

Agreed with the above… it really does have a fairy tale look to it. Looks like ya’ll had fun on the shoot.

Thanks a ton, peeps! It was a fun shoot, no doubt!

Where is the damsel with the golden hair?
You’ve created fantastic depth with your contrasts of light and dark. Love your style Jacques.

A True winner here! It really demonstrates that sometimes it is worth to stay outside. amazing colors and tones!

Thank you, Bob and Luís.