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A Day in the Life…

One of the things I really love about photography is that it opens the door to meeting so many people and their stories. I met this gentleman at the Café Collage on Venice Beach and spent several minutes just chatting to him about his life and my life. I loved the way he looked, dressed […]

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Surfin’ through Life…

I’m always meeting cool and interesting people, like this surfer dude I met yesterday morning down at Venice Beach (name withheld, just in case he’d rather not be named).  He’s been surfing here, pretty much everyday, since 1982, and he had some great stories about sharks and dolphins, as you might imagine.  You could tell […]

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…you blow my mind. Hey, Mickey!

I can’t tell you how liberating it was to make this latest trip to Disney unencumbered by the weight of my DSLR and bag o’ lenses! The iPhone was PLENTY for what I wanted (though I did have my tiny X100 along as back up, just in case). I came back with some real keepers, […]

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… and to All a Good Night!

To all of you reading this, I wish you a most blessed day. May God bless you all with love, peace and health, and may His face shine down upon you! As for me, the last three months have been the most amazing EVER in my life, and this Christmas the most beautiful ever, and I know […]

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The Fire at the Edge of Night

On the way to a friend’s “Home on the Range” (I mean that literally) near Redding, CA, riding along a dirt road that took us deeper and deeper into the “wild, wild west”, I spotted this cool pond reflecting the trees and sky beyond. I knew I’d have an appointment with destiny here, at this […]

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