This is how I roll…

A week or so ago, I sent my DSLR and several lenses in to Nikon Service Center for check-ups/maintenance. It’s been nice running around town with just my iPhone and my X100, as they’ve really has forced me to think in all new ways about my compositions/framing, especially since my primary lens of choice, for several years, has been a 14-24mm wide-angle lens mated to a full-frame DSLR. Now that I was constrained to only 35mm with the X100 (and to whatever the iPhone is), I’ve become much more deliberate about what stays in the frame and what is “excess”. I’ll start posting some of the results in the coming days.  By the way, if you have not already figured it out, today’s photograph is one I shot and post-processed with the iPhone.

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What is that wonderful bag?!?!?

I picked that bag up in Germany, Carter.

Very good setup! Certainly feels better than carrying 10+ Kg worth of gear in a backpack 🙂

Changing gear can definitely change your style and outlook, and limitations can definitely make creativity flower. Just think about all the limitations in the sonnet form, and all the wonderful poems created by poets staying within its strict limits.

By the way, are you using a Nikon Speedlight on the x100, or was that just staged for the shot? 🙂

What a great analogy, Mark. Never thought of it in terms of poetry. And with regard to the Nikon Speedlight, I am indeed using one with the X100 (the SB-800 for wireless off camera work and the SB-900 for off camera work with the SC-29 synch cable). What you see in the bag is exactly what I took out with me that day.

Hopefully Nikon will get your gear back soon. I’m always afraid to send it in fearing it will take 3 months.

The iPhone stuff is looking great!

Yeah, I’m in no rush to get it back. Having way too much fun without it!

What is the grip on the camera x100?

There is no grip on the X100, Marc.