The Simple Things

Oh, the simple joys in life.  At the roller rink for my daughter’s Birthday Party yesterday (I still can’t believe she’s 13!), I remembered all the great fun I used to have skating at a very similar rink with my folks and my younger brother when I was a kid.  I know my wife has her own great memories of disco days with her best friend at a roller rink in upstate New York.  I’m so glad rinks like this still exist in a few places, like here at Viking Skate Country in Redding, California, where my own kids can get a taste of a life less complicated.  Watching my daughter, her younger sister, and all of their friends out there on the rink, a few on the kind of skates you see here, some on rollerblades, it was such a joy to see they were all out there having a such a blast, hopefully building their own great memories.  Anyone else out there have fond memories enjoying the simple things in life, whether at a rink or elsewhere?



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funny how the simple things often turn out to be some of the most fond memories. Diggin the iPhone shots, good stuff!

Thanks, Eric. I’m really enjoying the iPhone and some of the cool photo apps out there one can use to shoot and post-process. I don’t miss my big DSLR, though I know I will need it when I get a chance to shoot more URBEX.

Yeah, this processing is perfect for this.
My wife Kathy and I have 5 children and now 9 grandchildren. Jacques.. Every step is a new adventure as I’m sure you’re finding out. Enjoy every moment. We have.

Ah, the skate rink, boy does that bring back memories, cool processing Jacques

You’re so right, Bob!

Thanks, Mike.