Empty on the Inside

Yesterday, during a conversation with a dear friend here in Redding, California, we talked a bit about lives transformed.  He observed that, having met me and talked with me when I first arrived in Redding, back in July, he would never have guessed that I was anything but happy and fulfilled.  Truth be told, I informed him, I was “happy” on the outside, but pretty hollow inside.  My passions in life, of which I had many, were not where they needed to be.  That all changed in Redding, thankfully, and I’m a different man today.  All I had taken for granted, I now cherish, while all the things I “thought” I loved have taken their rightful place (either gone, forever, or refined).  I suppose my message to all of you reading this, during this season, is that I urge all of you to take stock of your lives.  Are your passions where they should be?  Is there someone out there you may have taken for granted for far too long?  I’m pretty sure you know the answer to those questions, given a little thought.  What you do with that truth is up to you!

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The spill of light from the furthest windows is stunning. The rest of the wondows are quite remarkable too. Excellent work.

Thanks so much, LensScaper! I really do appreciate such thoughtful comments!

Good words Jacques to go along with another super image.
As I keep looking at this I get this wonderful illusion that I could just step into this room. I’ll walk to the light and peer out the window.

Thanks a lot, Bob!

Fantastic post Jacques! I have always loved your work and how you put a lot of thought into your posts…..the “elevated” level of meaning behind your more recent posts is even more inspiring.

Oh and did I mention this shot is awesome? I love the contrast in tones between inside and out. Well done sir!

Hi Eric. I really appreciate your sentiments and am glad you dig the posts, both in terms of what I’m trying to say, as well as the photographs. I probably won’t do that all the time, but will when the Spirit move me.

Thanks Jacques, for this shot and for the thought.
I´m glad to hear you have made a step towards a happier life, although you always seemed like a very passionate man to me, and never unhappy.
All the best.

Hey, Alex! Life is GREAT!! It was good then, but FAR, FAR better now!