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Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!!

First, a HUGE tip o’ the hat to my man +Chris Nitz , the undisputed master of Lego Photography, whose work inspired me to keep my eye open for new photographic opportunities involving… well, Legos. While I was not going to go out and buy my own Legos to set up a scene, I knew I’d eventually […]

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Bring it In…

As I’ve mentioned over on my Google+ stream, I’ve been using my X100 quite a bit lately, even to shoot sporting events that my daughters are part of.  It’s been a lot of fun, I must admit, particularly since I’d previously photographed such games with a DSLR and much longer zoom lenses (usually 70-200 f/2.8). […]

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The Colors of the Season

What I really miss about living in Germany during this festive season are all the ” “colors” of the Weinachten: the colors, the lights, the feeling. You just don’t see that here in the U.S., it seems. If you’ve ever been to the Christmas markets in Germany, you know what I mean. This little tree […]

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Empty on the Inside

Yesterday, during a conversation with a dear friend here in Redding, California, we talked a bit about lives transformed.  He observed that, having met me and talked with me when I first arrived in Redding, back in July, he would never have guessed that I was anything but happy and fulfilled.  Truth be told, I […]

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This way up…

As I was going through my extensive backlog of Route 66 digital negatives, I came across this sign I captured with my Fuji X100 at the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas. While I loved the striking colors of the sign, contrasted against a brilliant blue sky, I also thought it might look pretty good in […]

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