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Like Vader Like Son

So when my brother found out I was into Legos (particularly Star Wars characters, and more specifically Darth Vader), but that I refused to spend money on stuff like this, he started hooking me up with a toy here and a toy there. Daddy Darth Vader now hangs from my camera bag, while little Vader […]

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Double “AA”

While driving around Baltimore yesterday, these power pylons caught my eye. Looking at their shapes, with the letter “A” as part of their architectural design, as well as the fact that they were snuggled together like a couple of batteries in a giant toy, calling it ‘Double “AA”‘ seemed appropriate. What do you think?

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Gas for Less

I’ve still got a HUGE backlog of photographs I shot during my epic Route 66 explore this past fall, many shot with my DSLR, many shot with my iPhone, and many shot with my Fuji  X100 (like this one here). I decided to play around with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro a bit to process this one, […]

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Looking for Mr. Smith…

Think about it.

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Eyes wide open

… and on that farm he had a barn, in which he discovered an old chest full of faded photos. He spent day after day poring over his find, amazed at what the photographer had created with such an old analog contraption. He turned one of the photos over, barely able to make out the […]

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