The Gift that keeps on giving…

I woke up this morning, wondering what I should write for my first post of 2012, and then it dawned on me! I needed to thank someone very special to me, so here’s my feeble attempt to do so: reflecting on 2011, I’d have to say it was, to me, the best year ever, and it all started with the early Christmas gift I received on October 2nd. It was a gift that changed my life in ways I never thought possible, as those who know me well (and have witnessed first hand) can attest. It’s funny, actually, as I often expect to wake up the next day and find this was all a dream; so far, I’ve been waking up since then and it’s still there!! Yes!!!! Some of those with whom I’ve shared the actual details (of the gift, and the resulting new developments) have suggested I write some of this down, maybe even write a book one day. I’m intrigued by at the possibility, but have no idea where to start, though I plan to explore possibilities. What’s amazing is that this early Christmas present, which was totally unexpected, is one of those gifts that keeps giving and giving, to the point that it’s too much for one person or one family to hide. I’ve been sharing it with others I come across, in bits and pieces, as I’m moved to do so; I’ll admit it’s pretty dang awesome to pass it on (so there’s that, too). So, this is my thank you to my Benefactor (you know who you are); I promise I won’t squander it and that I will keep sharing it with others, as you so direct. Thank you, and let’s stay in touch! As for all the things you’ve asked me to give up in exchange, I’m totally cool with it; heck, I don’t even miss that stuff anyway! Love you, man, and I hope you don’t get tired of hearing how thankful I am!!

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Don’t know what the gift was Jacques but it’s pretty impressive the way you say it has changed your life. Would love to hear about it some day.
OK, the iphome thing. How are you getting these cool photos? I know nothing about this technology. It scares the HELL out of me.
The texture and vintage look …so cool.
Happy New Year!

Hey Bob! Always look forward to reading your comments here. And a very Happy New Year to you as well. Would love to share more about the gift with you at some point.

Regarding the the use of the iPhone for photography, it’s actually very, very easy. For the picture above, I used three apps: Camera + to take the photo (but you could just as easily use Apple’s the built in camera app), then used Nik Software’s Snapseed (you may still be able to get it for free on the iTunes app store) to tweak ambiance, contrast and saturation. I used the same app (Snapseed) to add a texture (adjustign various parameters of said texture with the sliders that are part of that app). I was explaining the same thing to my friend Dan Rice (who owns and operates the Route 66 shop on the Santa Monica Pier) because he has an iPhone as well and did not know you could do all of this cool stuff. I really want to do a tutorial here on my blog very soon to show a typical workflow for me when post/processing a shot with my iPhone. Hope the foregoing explanation helps you a bit. I’d be more than happy to do a Skype video call with you at some point to walk you through it if you like.

Now that’s what I call marketing! Post an entry that’s so obscure and yet so intriguing that everyone just has to keep coming back to see what The Gift actually is. $10 million in small denomination notes?

Regardless, keep up the great work and have an even better 2012. Happy New Year my virtual friend!