… in the name of Love!!

Is it me, or have I not been posting much to Google + lately? For that matter, I’ve not been posting much to this website either, have I? What gives? Guess I’ve got the proverbial “too many balls in the air” at the moment. Something’s gotta give, right? Anyway, just so you all know I’m still photographing (when I the Spirit moves me), here’s one I grabbed (and processed) with the ol’ iPhone during a very brief shooting spree today!


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Yup! Wondering what you were up to.
These phone shots are so cool.

Thanks, bob. I’m debating withdrawing more from the scene, but no decisions yet. One of the first things I may drop is Twitter, as I’m barely on there at all these days. We’ll see.

My G+ activity is at -0- these days.

I think it’s a matter of it being the last arena I entered but there’s only so much time in a day for my blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, and real life….. as you say, “Something’s gotta give” 🙂

I’ve backed off quite a bit on Twitter, and have slowed my participation on G+ a great deal as well. I’ll evaluate things for the next month or few to see if there are other places I’d like to cut back as well. I’d like to keep sharing my work with those interested in seeing it, but not sure on the best way to do that.

Hope you keep shooting and showing us your great vision. G+ and your blog are great sites to show it imho. Nice iPhone street shot by the way!

Nice shots Jacques. I can certainly sympathise with you on the ball juggling, busy at work, busy at home and something has to give.
Off to DE soon though so hopefully snag some good urbex in the East 😉