The Keep

When I go out shooting, I don’t just look at the obvious. I look for what lies beneath. Much like a sculptor who sees the beauty and mystery hidden deep within a piece of marble, it’s not what’s there that usually matters most to me, but rather what my mind’s eye sees. One of the reasons I love iPhoneography is that I can shoot, process and post what I “see” in the moment, rather than waiting hours or, more often than not, many days to recreate what I saw.

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Jacques, very nice iPhoto.

This weekend I watched your video on HDR. Thanks for doing it, wish you would do more. I went over and over this video learning very much, especially about the NIK Software. I downloaded a trial version while watching your video to use it on some of my images at the same time. Would you recommend the ultimate version that includes Photoshop? Is this the version your were using? Just thought I would ask before spending another $200. Again thanks for your video, much better without the music.

Thanks, Murray. Did not know Nik had an Ultimate version that includes Photoshop. That’s not the version I was using; I used Nik Color Efex 3.0 (there’s a version 4 now) for that video. Truth be told, I don’t use plug ins like Nik that much anymore when doing any photoshop work, using various tools already in photoshop to do what I need to do.