iPhoto, therefore iAm

I’ve had a few people look at some of my iPhoneography portfolio (I never tell them upfront that they are looking at iPhone photos), several of whom have commented: “You must have a great camera!” It takes a while to convince them that I shot and processed the images with only my iPhone. I grabbed this one while walking around the Tidal Basin, in Washington, D.C., between the Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket as soon as I heard the helicopter coming, knowing that they almost always fly fairly low over the basin.

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Isn’t that funny – same thing with me. Wrapping a recent trip to Vegas, I was showing photos of our trip using Lightroom and received positive reviews. Then I told them everything they were looking at was shot on an iPhone. Pretty funny to see their reactions!

Love this shot too. Never cease to impress!

Nice reflex! You really captured it at the right moment when the helicopter was hovering the monument. And your play with Descartes is a nice one too 😉