Left behind…

I suppose I never thought the day would come, but it did. I finally got around to shooting with my DSLR again! As some of you may know, some months back, I think it was December last, I dropped my camera and several lenses off at the local camera shop for routine service. Problem was that I did not miss that gear one bit. Instead, I took to shooting entirely with my iPhone, with a few shots here and there with my X100. I got the camera back sometime in January (or was it early Feb?), but never pulled it out to do anything, still hooked on the simplicity of creating art with my iPhone. I loved being able to shoot, process and post in mere minutes, and gave up on wasting my time doing any post-processing on my computer. Anyway, I finally brought the DSLR out last week to shoot a few brackets around where I live (here’s the proof). Heck, maybe I’ll even get around to post-processing them one day (believe it or not, I have several CF cards full of shots I’ve not even bothered to download to my computer – I wasn’t always like that, I swear).

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I’m in the same boat as you. All iPhone for the time being… Currently working on my iPhone personal photography project before picking up the DSLR again for Wedding season!

Hmmmmm, ir I pay the freight, will you ship your DSLR equipment my way?

Nice to see you back in the DSLR business:) Looks quite a nice subject there, looking forward to the processing brackets…

Nice subject, treatment, and finishing – [LIKE] 🙂

I still love using the DSLR but I know what you mean about using the phone Jacques. I think it’s not just the simplicity, for me I think it forces me to look at things in a different way.

I can confirm you weren´t always like that 🙂
But your camera bag was just too heavy!
I will miss our trips to those desolate places though.